August 9, 2019

Yeast fermentation products improve gut morphology in Pekin ducks

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Yeast fermentation products improve gut morphology in Pekin ducks

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Dr. Dan from Maple Leaf Farms kindly shared with me some duck data the other day, which were the preliminary results from a study conducted at Dr. Greg Archer's lab at Texas A & M, and were presented at the 2019 PSA as a poster.

I wanted to share this here today because there are not a lot of duck publications out there from the U.S., and even less public information as to feed additive evaluation. I know in the duck industry, people have to rely heavily on internal research to gain knowledge as to how to use certain additive products. However, that requires a lot of resources and is not always feasible. So...although I believe this was just a small scale pilot study, hopefully by sharing this information, it will somewhat help a fellow duck producer out there!

What was done?

The products - XPC and AviCare - are from Diamond V...No doubt many are familiar with them --- They are both yeast fermentation products, XPC as in-feed form and AviCare as a water additive form.

Diamond V has been very generous in sponsoring duck research --- Thank you! :)

(Recreated based on Nelson and Archer, 2019)‌‌

What was found?

  • Nice picture of ileal villi morphology, showing that both XPC and AviCare increased villus length and villus/crypt ratio compared to control under ambient temperature. This is gonna be important for nutrient absorption and also for gut barrier functions. 👍
Recreated based on Nelson and Archer (2019)

There are some other preliminary blood results in this poster - most suggesting that there were no difference between the 2 administration methods.

It should be noted that there were only 2 replicates per treatment, think that may be due to the fact it was a pilot study...It would be nice to see some growth performance data, and I will be looking forward to learning more outcomes from follow-up trials!

Below is the full poster

(Thanks Greg for letting me share it here! Although thousands of people attend PSA every year, it is difficult to visit every if you missed PSA or missed this poster this year, here it is!)


J. R. Nelson and G. S. Archer. 2019. Interaction of yeast fermentation product supplementation and indicators of intestinal dysfunction in heat-stressed Pekin ducks. Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

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